Welcome to Blocworx
Welcome to our documentation. The aim of this documentation is to be a reference manual for every piece of functionality on our no-code software Blocworx. If you landed on this documentation and would like to know more about Blocworx and its capabilities, please visit our website: https://www.blocworx.com.

How to use this documentation

There are two approaches we recommend for using this manual.
Option 1: Explore the software itself with Help Mode "On" and then click on any of the Information buttons that will appear with Help Mode being on. These are links that will take you straight to the documentation.
Help Mode, found in the header of the application, or in the popout menu on mobile
An example of the kind of link that will appear with Help Mode on.
Option 2: Explore this documentation on its own, watch and read our "How To" content so you can see at a glance the capability of Blocworx. You can get started by building a simple module.
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