Populate another local field with part of this field

This is a commonly used rule in a manufacturing environment but has many more uses. The purpose of this rule is to extract data from a value of a field and populate it somewhere else in the bloc. It can be useful for taking part numbers from serial numbers, or even just the last number of characters from a word. Similar to the rule Must be a certain format, it uses the concept of a variable character to ignore parts of the word. It then uses a sample string to determine what parts of the string to take. For example: If we wanted to extract the the Sort Code from an IBAN, because we know the structure of an IBAN it makes this possible. In this case the variable character will be used as the part of the word we are trying to extract, i.e. where the sort code will appear. Variable Character: % Sample String: ULSBIE2D%%%%%%12345678 Using these settings it will know where to extract the IBAN from. Anything outside of the % variable character is simply used to help us find the location of the sort code.

Don't forget, the variable character can be any character you wish, the sample string can also be anything, it is just required for the software to know where to extract the value. For example, this would work exactly in the same way as above: Variable Character: + Sample String: XXXXXXXX++++++XXXXXXXX The reason we give you the ability to set the variable character is so that you do not pick one that will be in the rest of the string.

Please note the option: "Tick if you would like to use the last X amount of characters of the string" ignores all of the above and simply locks in the last X amount of characters in the string. This is useful where we do not know what the length of the string will be but we do know its always the last X amount.

Rule Parameters



Tick if you would like to use the last X amount of characters of the string

Overrides the rest of the parameters and simply looks for the last set number of characters in the string.

Enter the number of Characters from the end of the string

Only applicable if the first parameter is turned on. Here you set the amount of characters from the end that you want to extract.

Variable Character

The variable character that sits in the location of the string we want to extract (see above for more information)

Sample String

The string that would contain the variable character so we know where to extract the data from. (more information above)

Change Data based on results

An optional feature that allows us to not use the data we have extracted itself for populating, but instead set another value based on the result of the extracted data.

For example we might want to say PART1, PART2 and PART3 are all PARTTYPE123, so instead of the local field populating with PART1, if the value is PART1 it will instead populate with PARTTYPE123

Local Field to Populate

The field we are populating once we have the data

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