Bluetooth (Beta)

NB: This requires technology that is not available in all browsers. For using field, as of 13/09/2022 Google Chrome is required.

This version of the field is our first iteration of a field that can receive Bluetooth data straight from the device into the browser. For this reason it requires Google Chrome until more browsers begin to support the technology.

The field currently supports Comark Bluetooth thermometers. Upon request we will add more services.

Our long term plan is to make this a full no-code field. A no-code equivalent of this field will allow a user to do the following: 1. Enter any service and characteristic 2. Using formalus define how to parse the data that comes from the device.

Please click here to see the list of existing services and charasterics available on Bluetooth Devices.

The way this field works is as follows:

  1. Create the field and set the parameters below

  2. This will generate a button which will allow you to connect the device.

  3. Once the device is connected the data will get sent to the browser and the value will be parsed and will be made the value of that field. After this the actions will be applied to the field, meaning you can set rules and add parameters how you wish.

Initial Field Parameters


Choose Service

This is the service that the device will be providing. Please click the above link to view the existing list.

Choose Characteristics

This is the characteristic, i.e the value of transmitted data.

Button Text for Triggering Connection

To get started and connect your device, a button needs to be pressed, this is the text that would be on the button.

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