Rule and Actions Based Parameters

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible to build configurations that may contradict each other. Please read our more about our Field Actions Parameter and Blocworx Process Flow before continuing to use these rules.

These parameters are dedicated to when and how actions are triggered.

Trigger Rules as soon as value changes (requires keypress)

Currently for Text and Large Text fields where you use your keyboard to enter a value in the field the rules to not get triggered until you press Enter or the Tab key. This is by design in order to prevent rules being constantly triggered while you type. However, sometimes we may want this behaviour, for example if we have a Maths field associated with data in this field, we may want the Maths field to update instantly while the person is typing. With this parameter turned on, the rules fire on every key press.

Force Triggering of Rules on Value Population from Elsewhere

Not every field instantly fires rules when the data is changed, for example a Text field. Often data gets updated by another rule or field. This parameter guarantees that the rules will fire as soon as the data is updated.

Trigger Rules After Submit/Update

This parameter retriggers the entire action/rule flow for this field once you click Submit or Update. For example, if you have a Sub Bloc where fields populate their parent bloc fields, this action will get triggered. This parameter can be used in conjuction with "Prevent Rules from triggering before submit" as seen below. It is often used where Maths fields or fields with rules getting Total counts are used, and where adding a record could change values.

Trigger Rules After Delete

This parameter is similar to the above "Trigger Rules After Submit/Update" parameter, however it occurs when a record is deleted from the bloc. This might be used for updating total values and sending those values to a parent bloc (if inside a Sub Bloc).

Trigger Rules after clicking Edit

This is a useful parameter if we want to trigger the action flow of a field after we have Clicked to edit the record. This can be useful for rules where values are checked or for maths fields etc.

Force Case Sensitive when searched

If there is another rule searching this field, this parameter forces the search to be case sensitive.

This also increases performance for blocs with a huge quantity of records.

Prevent Rules from triggering before submit

This parameter prevents any rules or actions from taking place for the field until the Submit button is clicked.

Prevent Rules from triggering before submit (Sub Bloc only)

This parameter prevents any rules or actions from taking place for a field until the Submit button is clicked, however this is specifically for Sub Blocs and will not work if not in a Sub Bloc.

Prevent Rule Triggering when values are equal (comma seperated)

This parameter prevents rules and actions taking place if the value of the field is equal to one set out in this parameter. You can do multiple values by seperating them with a comma. For example, if you have a Text field, and this parameter is equal to "Hello", then if you type Hello in the field and press Return, no action or rule will take place.

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