User Restricted Data Settings

The User Restricted Data Settings are a series of settings that are solely based on what data the user can see. These settings can be used to prevent individuals seeing each others data. These settings are independant from the Bloc, User and Role Access settings.

Choose your restricted setting

These are the settings to decide which data gets loaded for the logged in user.

It is important to note, a person with the Admin permission will always be able to see all data.

No Restrictions

All data will be loaded regardless of who entered them.

Only Load Logged In Users Data

This will force only the users data to appear, nobody else's.

You can also configure this so data can be shared amongst users or shared amongst roles. This is currently a "hidden feature" and requires contact with to for implementation. It also requires the setting below: Hide from Person submitting data, unless specifically shared with them.

Hide Totally except for person with permission "Can See Hidden Data"

No data gets seen by anybody (even the user's own data), except for people with either the Admin Permission or the Can See Hidden Data permission.

Hide locally but available in other forms

Data does not appear in the bloc where the data has been submitted, but is available in dropdowns, fields and rules that are connecting to this data. For example, a field like Dropdown from another bloc might still need this data even if we don't want it shown on this bloc.

Hide from person submitting data, unless specifically shared with them

This option prevents data from being seen by anyone, unless it has been shared with them using our hidden feature: Share Restricted Data with Other Specific Users.

Hide from person submitting data, unless specifically shared with them, but allow in dropdown

A slight variation of the option above, with this selected, the above applies but if there id a file like Dropdown from another Bloc using this data, then it is available unrestricted.

As these options are growing and becoming more complex we are working on a new and improved add/remove data restrictions feature to replace this.

Restrict Data by Fields with Username

It is possible to use data inside the fields to also determine who sees what data. This is useful for creating data on behalf of other people or for someone with one role in an organisation to be managing things for others.

In the images below, you will see a bloc where this option has been set to two fields, User Example and Field 1. What this means is, any entries where these fields contain the username of an individual, that individual will be able to only that data. In the example below, the user with the username sampleuser can only see data where User Example or Field has a value called sampleuser.

This can be used in conjuction with the fields available in User Based Components so that there are more useful ways to populate the user data into a field.

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