Edit Theme

Our Edit Theme section is where you can change the look and feel of your Blocworx instance.

Please note: This is a brand new feature and we'll be looking to improve this rapidly by allowing you to add colour schemes throughout the instance, font styles, button colours, table colours, background/foreground colours etc. See our full list of expected changes in our Coming Soon section below.

You can change the logo at the top left of your instance, we advise that you follow our recommended size of 210 * 86, however it is still possible to use another size.

Change Header Background

It is also possible to replace the background image at the top of your instance. This may be to suit your logo.

Coming Soon

We are currently working the abilities to change the following:

  • Header Background to a colour

  • Sidebar background colour

  • Core button colours (e.g. logout)

  • Panel background colours

  • Table background colours

  • Main background colours

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