Dynamic Data Update (Beta)

This feature is designed to allow data to increment based on certain criteria, at the moment the only criteria is comparing todays date to a date in a field.

Currently this feature is restricted to specific criteria but soon we will be adding more criteria to make this a very powerful feature.

The overall purpose of this field is, that every night we compare the current date to a date that is set in a record and populate the field with this parameter with the numbers of days in the difference.

This can be used to track how many days have elapsed since a certain date, or how many days left before a certain date. It is useful for features like counting how many days an item has been in stock, or seeing how many days a certificate has elapsed.

Coming soon will be the ability to set schedules for our mail alert field. By conditionally setting schedules based on certain values in the record you will be able to send notifications based on the date.

How to use this parameter

For this parameter to work you must

  1. Create another field that you want to contain the value of days elapsed

  2. Apply this parameter to the second field using the Date field as the reference

  3. Create a record with a date set from the Date/Time Selector field

  4. Wait until midnight and you will see the value of that record has changed for the second field. The value will be the amount of days between the current date and the date in the date field.

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