Bloc Form Builder Preview

The Form Builder Preview is where you build your form, and as a result, your database table associated with that form.

Blocworx's Database Tables are created automatically by the form. They are one and the same. This is not to be confused with other no-code solutions where it's possible to create a table and link a form to that table. In Blocworx you use certain components and fields within the Bloc for linking forms to other tables.

Form Builder Structure

When building a form there is a hierarchy for placing items. This heirarchy was designed to give you control over your bloc layout.

  1. First Create a Row

  2. Then create an element inside that row

  3. Then create a field or component inside the element.

Quick Settings

Used to show fields that may be hidden as a result of the Field Conditional Visibility Parameter

Tick this option to allow the form to be full width on the page with data appearing underneath. Leaving it unticked will leave the bloc in a simple compact mode with the form on the left and data on the right.

Building the layout

The very first thing you need to do is add a row to a bloc to get started. This is because all elements must be inside a row. Rows can be moved up and down and are always full width inside the form.

Add an Element

Click the + symbol to add an element inside a row. It is not possible to create fields or components unless they are inside an element. Once clicked you must choose the width of the element.

Note: You will not have access to all the available widths if you are not in full width mode. This is because the area for the form is already so small that that having 1/12th the size of this would be unusable. One Third Size is the minimum while in compact mode.

Add a Field/Component

Once an element is created you can add your fields inside the element. You will instantly see a pop up where you can choose your field. See our Fields, Tools and Charts section to find out more about our fields.

pageCreating a Field

Note: The default field it assumes you wish to add is a standard text field. This is because it is the most commonly used field. To use another field you must press X on the Text Field pop up.

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