Manage Mail Alerts

Mail Alerts are email alerts that can contain content loaded from blocs or just their own content inside the email. They are triggered using our Mail Alert Field either when a form is submitted, edited, or on a schedule.

Coming Soon: An SMS Alert option

The power behind the alerts is the ability to include data from your blocs in the email, all while designing your email any way you like using our Editor.

This gives you full flexibility to build your own email in any design you would like.

Creating/Editing Alerts

To create an alert, fill out the Create Alert form on the Mail Alerts page.

Alert Name

This is the name you would like to give the alert, this information is not included anywhere in the email.

Alert Subject

This is the subject that will appear as the subject in the email.

Alert Text

This is the text that will appear in the email body. It is simply plain text. This is a legacy feature. We highly recommend you instead use our Dynamic Alert Editor.

Use Dynamic Alert Editor

Our Dynamic Alert Editor is a way to build your email content using a full editor, allowing you to put in text, images, styles and even HTML. The most powerful element of this is the fact that you can include data from a record using our field slugs.

Did you know? You can even include dynamically generated content that you may have created using our Content Creation Field.


You can either manually set recipients while building the alert, or you can dynamically set the recipients based on data in the associated record. To enter recipients manually you must enter the email addresses and comma seperate them. Please avoid using spaces or any other characters. Please see below, the first line is the correct format.,;

You can also choose "Use Addresses from Field Slugs". This builds the recipients automatically using data that would be in the associated record. For example, you may have a bloc that gets the email address of the user. The field might be called Email Address. It's field slug would be email_address. You may have another called email_address_2 and you would also like to include that in the mail out. Then you would enter both field slugs comma separated: email_address_1,email_address_2

Include Form Data

This is another legacy feature which includes data from the record at the bottom of your email. This was originally used along with our "Alert Text" option above, but with the ability to dynamically build your own email alerts this feature is now inferior. It works by listing all the data from the record, however its possible to keep some data omitted by using the Field Hidden Option to hide it from Mail Alerts.

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