The structure of Blocworx

Blocworx has a simple structure and heirarchy, it was intentionally created in this manner to allow for an individual to create an application with ease. The normal use of Blocworx would be a single subdomain for a single customer, i.e., We call this an instance. Several instances can be inside a single project, or not. Click here to read more about a project.

Note: Even though the normal use for Blocworx is a subdomain for a single customer, we have many role, permission, group and data restriction features. Using these features it would be possible for someone to create an instance where they may wish to have several customers on the same instance.



Pages are created by the user. There can be an unlimited amount of them and are used to build navigation around your instance. They contain links, modules or more pages. A page can also be added to the side menu.

Modules are created by the user. They are effectively your apps within your instance. They are the containers of Blocs.

Blocs are created by the user and are where all the activity for data and information inputs/outputs, forms, tools, reports, charts, databases and much more are held. A combination of Blocs make up a module.

Manage Data is a permanent Blocworx area that contains more features for working with your data. From look ups, to data displays to reports.

Admin & Development is another permanent Blocworx area that contains features related to user and profile management, alerts, a place to manage modules, blocs, pages, roles and permissions.

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