What is a project?

Please note, for most people, including no-code developers, it is not a requirement to understand this structure. This page was written primarily for extra information in order to better understand how instances are related or not related to each other. This content would mainly be of interest to anyone who has a Reseller agreement with Blocworx. If you are an Enterprise Level client it is likely you are on your own project and do not share with others. Please contact us at support@blocworx.com if you'd like to find out more information about your instance.

A project represents a codebase + database. An instance is subdomain + domain that is pointing to this project, e.g example1.mydomain.com. It is possible however to have several instances in one project... example1.mydomain.com example2.mydomain.com example3.mydomain.com Some of these instances may be owners/parents of other instances.

Each instance has its own admins and user base, however a Super User can access all instances in a project.

If you are reading this and you are being managed by a reseller/Blocworx representative then it is likely they have their own project of which your instance is on.

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