Edit a Page

To edit a page, including changing its details, sections and items you are required to have the permission called Admin. While logged in as an admin, while on any page, you will see the following green bar at the bottom of the page. Click "Switch to Edit Mode" to begin editing your page

Edit Page Details

Note: Although you can use the homepage in the same way as any other page for adding sections, links and other items, you cannot edit the core homepage details, these details are a fundamental part of Blocworx functionality.

Page Details are the main settings about this the page. They are to be distinguished from the sections, sub pages, modules and links that will be inside the page. The page details include the following:

  • Page Title

  • Option to determine if the page should be included in the sidebar menu

  • The Parent page (if its a sub page)

  • The Section within the parent page that it is found

  • A Page Description (optional content for the page);

  • Page Icon

  • Open Access Option

  • Page Roles (which roles have access to the page)

To edit the page details click on the orange link called "Edit Page Details" beside the page heading.

Create a Page Section

To Create a page section, while in the page editor, simply type the section and click Add.

Create a Sub Page

To create a sub page, click the tool icon and then click "Add Sub Page". From there you can enter the page name, check if it has public/open access, select the optional roles for this page and choose the icon.

Create a Module

There are two ways to create modules, one is using our Module Manager, the other is by creating a module within the page editor. Click the tool icon and then click "Add Module"

To create a url link, simply click the tool icon, click "Add New URL Link" and then type the text that will appear, the url itself and the icon. You can use this for shortcuts internally, or if required you can add external links.

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