Bloc Front End Overview
Every Bloc has the "Front End" view and the "Bloc Editor" view. The Front End view is the view of the bloc that the regular user who is not building the software will see. This is similar to a website where there is an editor in the back end for building the site, and a front end for people to see the site.

Full Width vs Compact Mode

There are two main views when it comes to seeing your Bloc on the Front End. Full Width, which shows your Form taking up the full width of page, and Compact Mode which shows the form on the left and data on the right.
Full Width View with some data underneath
A snapshot of the same Bloc readjusted for Compact Mode
With this option turned on you do the following:
    Sort your data from oldest to newest, or newest to oldest
    Sort the amount of results you want to see per page. This can also be predefined in the Data Display Setting "Set the default number of results to show"
    Turn on the "Filter & Search Data" option

Filter & Search Data

Using this feature, you can look up your data by certain values that have already been entered. It is possible to filter them so that a number of values are being looked for.
In this case it will show all data where Input Field = "Second Piece of Data" and Input Field 2 = "Data 2"
In this case it will search all fields for "John Doe"

Data Display

Click below for more detailed information about the Data Display

PDF & Doc Exporting

It is possible to export your own custom-built designs containing data from Blocworx. Click here for more information.

Import Data From Excel

It is possible to import data using an excel sheet. We even provide you with a working template so you can be sure you are filling the correct fields.
By clicking "Generate Template" you will be given a raw excel file to fill your data with. You can use this file to fill out your own data and then re-upload by adding the file and clicing "Import Data"
Note: This literally takes in the values that are on excel, even if fields are supposed to behave in a different way (e.g. if they have rules or parameters set) these behaviours will be ignored. Consider uploading in this section like a raw import.
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