Editing a Field

It is possible to do various types of edits to the field. You can rename it, move it up or down, move it to another element or change the initial parameters.

Renaming a field

Hover over the existing field and click "Edit Field". You will then see the existing field details with the existing name populated. Simply change the name and click "Submit"

Move a field up and down

To move a field up or down within the element click the up or down arrows that appear after you hover over the field.

Move a field to a different element

To move a field to a different element, click and hold over the field, ensuring you are not clicking on any of the buttons (i.e. Parameters, Rules, Edit Field, etc) and drag the field to a different element. Once the element you are dragging it to goes bright grey, it is ready to be dropped.

The field will automatically appear as the last field in that element. If you wish for it to appear somewhere else in the element, you first have to drag and drop it there, then move it up using the instructions above.

Changing the initial field parameters

Field Par

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