Results Box

A Results Box is a neat way of display data from another bloc and have it appear within the bloc you are working on.

Note: To determine what fields are shown or hidden in the results, this is controlled in the field parameters of the source data. All fields show by default but by using the Field Hidden option setting Hide in Data Results Box it wont appear in any Results Box fields. We are working to improve this, so that the fields that are shown or hidden in the results box can be controlled when building the Results box field itself, as opposed to changing parameters on the source field. This will you more freedom to build varying types of Results Boxes from the same bloc.

Note: This field can be used with .docx file tables to generate lists of data in our Template Builder. More information here.

Initial Field Parameters


Select Local Field to Search

This is the field on the bloc you are working on, the value of this field will be used to search the bloc you are looking up.

Select Bloc

This is used to find the bloc you are going to load the data from

Select the Bloc's field to search against

This is the field that will be searched, so basically the value of the local field must equal the value of this remote field. The data shown will only have these matching values.

Tick this box to reverse the order of the results

Used to reverse the order of the results in the Results Box.

(Optional) Select Remote field to sort by

You can also sort the results by a certain field for a neater display of data.

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