Raw Data and Counting Reports

Raw Data and Counting reports is where you can run specific raw data reports (i.e. full data raw data with no parameters set), or run Smart Reports which are reports that perform counts of values individually or even counts of values combined.

To access the Reports section of a specific module, find your module in the list and click "Advanced Reports"

You can now access the Automated Reports straight from the module itself without having to go to Manage Data. You can also run an advanced report straight from a bloc.

Once inside the Advanced Reports section you will see a list of all your blocs

Automated Reports

This is the first section you will see. The purpose of this is to be able to configure reports to run automatically. These reports subsequently get emailed to the recipients you have set.

The furthest left hand side represents the bloc, once you click the checkbox for a bloc you will then see the fields. Simply select the fields you want to appear in the bloc. You can add as many blocs with as many fields as you like. This will subsequently generated a multiple sheet excel file report.

Email Addresses

Here you enter the email addresses you would like the report to get sent to.

Please ensure email addreses are comma seperated. An invalid email address will be ignored. The email address will not be considered valid if there is only a space seperating it from another address.

Date/Time Frame

Here you can choose what data you want to send, e.g. the previous day's data, or the previous week's data or even all data.

Report Type

You can choose you are going to run a raw data report or a smart report.


You can choose the frequency of the report (basically how often it gets ran and sent).

Mail Subject

This is the text that will appear as the subject in the person's inbox. This is useful if they are receiving many reports and you would like to differenciate them.

Exporting a Report while in the browser.

Along with building automated reports, you can also run a report immediately while in the browser:

As mentioned at the top of this page, you can also run these reports straight from a bloc.

To export or view data from a specific bloc, simply select the fields you want to include in the report, select the "From Date" and the "To Date" and choose if you want to see the data on the screen or get the excel file by click "Get Raw Data Report"

Raw Data vs Smart Report

You will notice there are two different types of reports that can be ran. The most commonly used option is Raw Data. Raw data simply provides you a report of each record in Blocworx. One Row in the excel file per record. This is a standard data report and one that is easiest to understand. The Smart Report is designed to provide you with counts of data of single values, or counts of multiple groups of values. Let's look at an example. Below is a simple bloc with some data related to Businesses:

Here is a screenshot of the Raw Data Report where we have selected all 3 fields along with the system fields like username and timestamps:

Here is an example of a smart report where we have chosen the just the location field:

Here is an example of smart report where two fields are selected, location and Business Type:

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