Pdf & Doc File Template Builder

Aside from on screen data reports, excel exports and much more, it is also possible to export your information via the form of a doc file or pdf. As Blocworx is such a flexible system, to meaningfully achieve this feature we opted to make the output that you wish to generate equally as flexible. With this in mind, we built the Template Builder Feature. Using this feature you can get all your desired fields from your Bloc, place them in a .docx file that you can build and design yourself on your computer, and then use this template to export your data. This can be used for many features like report building, invoicing generation, PO generation, quotation generation, quality manuals, risk assessments, or basically anything you can think of that you currently do on a word editor. You can utilise the power of Blocworx by passing data into the Bloc and then running the export.

Let's take this free MS Word Template that is available in Office 365. A recruitment agency might want to generate resumes based on data in Blocworx.

Data Lists, Photos, Signatures & More

We are constantly improving this feature. Currently you can add lists of data from other blocs, you can include image fields and decide the size, you can insert data anywhere you want, and even place digital signature fields. You can even pass in dynamic content from our Content Editor For User (WYSIWYG) field meaning you can have your own styles passed through that are not depending on the Word Template. Once you get experienced enough both with this and Blocworx in general you can start creating button fields where the pressed/unpressed values are a ✓ or an ✖ meaning you can even fill out boxes inside the template.

Click below to start building a template:

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