Bartender Integration

The Bartender Integration field is a file that generates a json file in order for Bartender to read it and print a label. Bartender is a popular piece of label printing software. More information here.

The field works by retrieving values that are in the bloc and either adding a file to a location on the server, or by downloading a file directly to your computer. With this in place on Blocworx, you then build a Bartender integration to read this file and print a label.

Note: For the SFTP integration you need to work with the Blocworx team to assist you on getting set up. Contact for more information.

Please note, this field requires an understand of Bartender Integrations. If you are aware of any other Label printing software that can print labels based on files with JSON data arriving into a folder then those will work too. This field only drops the file and assumes the Label Printing software will do the rest.

We are soon hoping to expand out the format options for this field, i.e. csv or other formats that are not just JSON. This should make this field potentially more useful with other label printing software.

Initial Field Parameters


SFTP or Browser Download

Choose whether the file lands in a location on the server, or gets downloaded to your PC. Please see some tips and tricks below on making the best use of the Browser Download option.

Type Bartender SFTP Username

If you have chosen the SFTP option you will need to have been provided with a username. The home directory for this user will be where the file path is located.

Type file name with extension

This will be the name of the file that gets generated.

Type the field slugs (or View Field Slugs and click the desired fields)

These are the fields that will appear in the file ready for Bartender to integrate with.

Browser Download Option: Helpful Notes

The Browser Download Option means the file will instead be downloaded directly to your computer. You will have then set up your Bartender Integration to read the file from the location it was downloaded at.

This is useful for several reasons

  1. You do not have to work with the Blocworx team on getting SFTP set up.

  2. It is much faster as the data does not have to go to the cloud, you will get an instant label print.

  3. You could still make use of a shared network and symbolic links in order to print on a machine that is not the machine Blocworx is loaded.

In our experience, we recommend the following set up

  • Use Chrome and the following extension: This Download Router allows you to download files to certain locations within the Downloads folder based on their file name or the url of the page.

  • Change default Downloads folder settings for the browser to a neater place.

  • Then use the Bartender File Detection integration option and look for a file being dropped on your computer.

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