The Checkbox field is a standard input field which allows you to define the checked and unchecked values. You can also choose the text beside the checkbox. There is also a unique feature in this field where you can dynamically change what the checked value would be. This feature is designed to change the purpose of the checkbox from a Yes/No to various values that may change based on the user activity.

Initial Parameters


Checked Value

The value that gets saved when the box is ticked (default is 1)

Unchecked Value

The value that gets saved when the box is not ticked (default is 0)

Text that will appear beside the checkbox

The text that will appear on the right of the box. The default is the field name.

Populate Checked Value with other local data.

As described above, by selecting a field here, the checked value will become the value of that selected field. The unchecked value will be blank.

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