Choose hidden options for this field

The Hidden Option parameters are items you can you pick to decide where the field will not appear.

Hide in Excel Report

Hide the field from any excel reports that are ran on Blocworx.

Hide in Data Results Box

This is applicable only to the results box field. With this option added the field will not appear in a results box that is loaded elsewhere.

Visually Hide in the form but remain functional

This is used to make the field disappear visually on the screen, but for it to be still active.

This is a useful option for tidying up the form. You may be pulling data from other blocs and populating certain fields where you want to use that data for other purposes again. With this option you can still have all the rules, actions and parameters set to this hidden field so it continues to interact with the form, but just stays out of the way.

Hide in Mail Alerts

Prevents the field from being shown in the Mail Alerts that are sent out, if the alert is designed to include data from a form.

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