File Builder

The File Builder Field is designed to retrieve data from a bloc and build a file with this data that then gets added to a location on the server. This is useful for integrations with hardware or other software.

The result of the file is a list of records with a | symbol as a seperator and field slugs at the top of the file as column names. It works in a similar way to our Bartender Integration field but is designed to retrieve lists of data based on search filters as opposed to building a file that contains the values that are on the bloc itself at the time of file building.

Note: As this field is based on adding files to the server, it will require you to work with the Blocworx team for achieving your integration with the file that has been created.

Coming Soon: The ability to download the file directly to your computer , as opposed to simply adding the file to a location on the server. This will give you total control and will t require involvement from our team.

Initial Field Parameters


Type Filename with Extension

This is the file that will be created, e.g. myfile.txt


The file will be stored on the hosted server of Blocworx. The path chosen here is relative to our own predetermined path. As mentioned above, you will need to work with our team to complete this field.

Button Text

This is the text that will appear on the button that triggers the generation of the file.

Button Colour

This is the colour of the button that will trigger the generation of the file.

Data Source, Select Bloc

This is used to choose the bloc you want to get the data from. (You can use the same bloc that you are building the field on)

Local Field to Check and Field to Look Up

These are the matching pairs that must occur so it can determine what data to find. It uses the value in the local field (the field on the bloc you are on) and searches the values of the field in the bloc you are loading the data from.

Fields to Show on the file.

This is where you can add the fields that should appear on the file. You must select fields here otherwise the file will be empty. This feature is to prevent unwanted data in the file and gives you more freedom to build the file in the structure you would like to build it.

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