QR Code

The QR Code field allows you to scan QR codes using your integrated camera. The data stored is simply whatever is the value of the QR code.

Hint: This can be useful to use in conjunction with our Populate another field with part of this field rule for extracting data from the result of the QR code.

Please note, for this field to work you must allow Blocworx to use your camera, when you first click the button to trigger the camera pop up you should see a browser pop up on your screen. It will vary from browser to browser but it should look like the following image. You should only have to do this once unless you reset the settings on your browser.

How does it work?

Once you have added the field, a button will appear in your form. Whether you are on laptop device, tablet or mobile, once you click the button it will open a camera view area. From here you will be able to hover your device over a QR code. Blocworx will automatically detect the QR code on your screen and instantly populate the field with that value.

Initial Field Parameters


QR Code Button Text

This is the text that will appear on the button in your form. Once this button is clicked a pop up will appear that will show you what your camera is seeing.

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