Functional Behaviour Settings

Functional Behaviour Settings contain the settings for the bloc that are responsible for certain bloc based rules and activities.

Hide From Reports

Used to hide the bloc from the list of available reports in the Raw Data & Counting reports section. If selected it simply won't be available there. This is useful for blocs that are only used for purposes of facilitating data for other blocs, e.g. a master list of part numbers.

Use Automatic Saving

With this setting turned, every time you change a piece of data in any field it will update the most recent entry with that value. The entry is not considered "Complete" until you click "Final Submit".

Cannot Submit Data

This prevents data from being submitted unless the user has the Admin Permission or Can Submit Data even when Submit Data option Is disabled enabled.

Due to new requirements where even for an admin we do not want to submit data we are currently exploring a new additional setting "Cannot Submit Data with no exceptions"

Make Images/Files Public

This allows the images and files that are uploaded by the File and Image Field to be accessible via a url in the browser. This allows you to provide links to non Blocworx users.

Currently the url is built based on the module ID and bloc ID and file name. We are working on providing an easy url to access. In the meantime please contact to obtain the url for the files that appear in the bloc you want this setting to apply to.

Anybody can edit data in this bloc

Normally, the only way a user can edit the data they have entered is by using the Permission: Can Edit Data inside a Bloc. However, we understand that there may be blocs where any user can edit their data. This can be especially the case if they can only see their own data. This setting opens up the ability for any user to edit the data, even without the required permission assigned to their account.

Turn off live counting of results

Don't forget you can use our Populate another local field with total from elsewhere action if you still want to get the count of specific fields. Using this action will not affect performance.

For our multi app customers we have a feature that allows for indexing certain fields to improve performance even further. Please contact about this.

Disallow Editing of Dynamic Output & Variable Fields (Plain Data, Autogenerate etc)

By default, when you click to Edit data it is possible to change the values of all fields, even if they are autogenerated numbers or plain data fields where data came from elsewhere. This feature turns off the ability to edit the data in these fields. This is useful to guarantee values are locked in place, like invoice numbers etc.

Redirect Bloc on page load

Use this feature to force a redirect to another url

Please make sure the url is properly formed, i.e. include https:// or http:// at the start of the url etc.

Scan Limit Quantity (Legacy Feature)

Scan Limit Quantity is a legacy feature when Blocworx was being designed for manufacturing environments. The quantity set (when you enter a number and click "Update Scan Limit" prevents any more entries being added to the bloc after the time it was set. You can then set a new quantity and update again to get more scans available. "Remove Limits" simply removes this option.

Success Pop Up

Having this setting on will trigger a pop up every time data is submitted to the form. Useful for single entry forms that are not designed for alot of activity:

Please type the Success message (default: "Form Successfully Submitted")

If this is not blank and the Success Popup option is turned on. The text that will appear in the pop up with be from the text in this field, as opposed to "Form Successfully Submitted"

Single Entry Form

This setting forces an overwriting of the previous data in the form. This means there is never more than one entry.

Note, with this setting turned, it also populates the fields in the form on page load. This is because there will never be any data being added other than the single entry.

Populate Latest Data

The bloc gets filled by the last entry in the bloc.

This can be used in conjuction with Prevent Latest Data from being populated. Using this field parameter you can create exceptions to this setting. An alternative approach to similar functionality is to take a vice verca approach, where we do not use this bloc setting and instead use the Get Value from Last Entry field parameter. This is more useful when the number of fields you want to populate are small.

Prevent Regular Data From being Loaded

This is used to prevent any data from loading when you first load the bloc. Simply put, you will see no data unless you decide to filter some data. To use this setting properly it is expected you would use it in conjuction with the field Parameter Data Filtering Field. Because then you can have a neat way of only seeing data that you opted to look up/filter by.

We would advise against using this setting as a secure way of hiding data. It is designed more as a UX feature to prevent confusion about what data you are working with, rather than a data permission feature. To explore better ways of preventing data from being seen we would recommend you checkout the User Restricted Data Settings or the Bloc, User and Role Access settings.

Force data filter fields for those without permission

It is possible to filter data using the field parameter Data Filtering Field. However, by default, it is possible for someone to remove these filters by changing the filters below the form and/or by doing a search. This bloc setting locks in these filters and makes them impossible to change unless the user has the permission Can unlock Filtered Fields.

Hide Username and Time/Date stamps from the Export Data Reports

We have a useful quick link to allow you to run report with a single click. By default, the date and time stamps are included in this report, along with the username. This option simply removes them from this report.

Automatically Delete Data

This is a feature that is useful for GDPR and data storage purposes. Simply enter the number of days that you wish to keep the data for, and every night any data older than that number of days will be permanently deleted.

Although we run back ups, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover data that has been removed as a result of this setting. Please use this setting with caution and only if absolutely necessary.

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