Field Merge Builder

The Field Merge Builder is a way of joining/appending data together that is in a bloc with the final output being one value in the field. You can add as many fields as you like to the value of the field, and you can even write your own characters inside the value too.

Note: And understanding of our Field Slugs is required to use this field. However you may find it intuitive enough to use by itself by simply clicking "Click to View Fields to Add" and begin clicking the fields you want in the merged data.

The requirement for a field to be considered an actual field inside the data is that it must be wrapped in a tag called [BW], for example, lets say we want to combine the value of Field A and Field B, then the format is [BW]field_a[/BW][BW]field_b[/BW]. The reason we do this is it allows to write freehand text in the field so the software knows the difference when trying to update the value.

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