Manage Bloc Scheduler

The Bloc Scheduler is a feature available from Blocworx Version 3.0. It allows for a no-code builder to automate Blocworx activity. It optionally applies all the features that are otherwise available when you are using a bloc. It can be used to either generate new records, or edit existing records.

Because this imitates all the features in a bloc it is possible to add rules, apply all the usual field actions and activity, apply mail alerts and use cross bloc data updates, all automatically.

Please Note, this scheduler works independantly of other schedulers in Blocworx like our Blocworx Gateway Scheduler, Mail Scheduler, or Dynamic Data updater. Please keep this in mind when building your bloc.

This feature uses all the same condition settings and rules as would be used in a Bloc. For example, if a mail alert is only supposed to send based on certain values, then the same will apply here.

Create New Record

This option can be used for creating new records. It assumes you will be starting the records with either default values that you will have set for fields or autogenerate fields. Otherwise it will simply generate an empty record.

Work through Existing Records

This option goes through each record and applies the processing to it. It then updates the record when it has complete.

Blocworx Processing

The Blocworx Processing settings are where you can decide what you want to do with the scheduler. The options are directly associated with the Blocworx Process Flow.

pageThe Blocworx Process Flow

Apply Bloc Initialisation Values

This is setting applies the Stage 1, Bloc Initialisation as set out in the Blocworx Process Flow. It would be expected you would need this setting if you are creating new records. Otherwise you have no data to work with.

Apply Field Actions

This applies all the actions in Stage 2 of the Blocworx Flow, which is applying all the actions, activity, rules etc that you've decided to put on your fields.

Please note, not all actions may be relevant to the scheduler because it's an automatic process, for example, loading a Results Box is something that occurs solely for the user to see information on the screen. Also, in our current version, applying Conditional Values is not applying to the scheduler part of the Blocworx Flow. There are ways around this using rules and other settings. We hope to introduce it soon

Apply Pre-Submit Data Features

This applies Stage 3 of the flow, which is right before data gets submitted. It sends mail alerts, applies cross bloc data and performs Blocworx Gateway calls.

Setting the Frequency

You can set when you want this to trigger and how often. For any more requests of frequencies or ideas please do not hesitate to contact us at

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