Content Editor For User (WYSIWYG)

This field is used for creating content in your form. It is a "What you see is what you get" content editing tool. It is powered by TinyMCE

This is a great tool for document creation and management. It also works with our Template Builder feature.

Just like all our fields, content/values can be populated from other blocs, meaning its possible to combine several of these fields and have a dynamic document creation tool.

Initial Field Parameters

Parameter NameDescription

Text for Button

This is the text that appears on the button on the form that will trigger the editor to open.

Hide Edit Button

With this option you can make the content un-editable. See below for why this is useful.

Hiding the Edit Button in order to display content

Quite often, the use-case for this field is to simply have content on the form that is pulled from elsewhere. Perhaps to piece together larger documents, it may be the case that someone else has access to edit the content, but you do not want the content editable in the bloc with this field. For this reason you can hide the Edit Button. Alternatively there is another field called Content Editor (WYSIWYG) which is our original version of this field. This is a simpler version and the content is created in the bloc editor, never saved as data and never editable by users.

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