Checkboxes From Bloc

The Checkboxes from Bloc field is a list of values from another bloc (or even the same bloc if required). This data is then presented as a list of radio buttons of which one can be selected. This is commonly used to fetch master or dynamic lists that we want to manage elsewhere. For example, we might have a dropdown of data of ages where the age range is coming from another bloc that is providing this range on various forms.

Data Saving for this field

Because there are multiple selections the data is saved technically as a collection of values (technically called an array). However for ease of reading, this data is presented as comma seperated values on the screen.

Filtering the data in the list (Only get data matching local fields)

This feature is identical to the Dropdown from Bloc and Autocomplete Bloc equivalent, the only difference is the results appear as checkboxes. Please click this link to read about how this feature works.

Initial Parameters



Type Module name (min 3 letters, leave blank to use current module)

Used to find the module you would like to use in order to find the bloc to get the data from (defaults to the module you are currently in)

Select Bloc

Select the bloc that contains the field you would like to get the data from

Select Field

The data from this field will be what will appear in your radio button list selection

Only get data matching local fields

As described above in Filtering the data in the list.

Show List in Reverse

Reverses the output of the list, this is useful for numbered items.

Exclude local matching data from field

If an entry in the data in the bloc you are working on contains a value equal to what is in the list, you may exclude that value from the list. This is useful for not showing items that have been submitted into the form. For example, perhaps you might want to to only show Job Numbers that have not been complete yet, but not show the Job Numbers that have been submitted.

Note: Currently to select the same field you are creating, you must first create the field, then edit it, so you can select itself.

Only After Date

This excludes data after a given date, or just type today, to only get data that was submitted that day.

Note: This parameter is currently under review to allow more date options, or to allow you to pick another date field that is in the same form, giving you more dynamic control over this option.

Matching Fields for Excluding Data

This allows you to build chose fields whose values must match in the records in order to exclude the record. For example, if you have a date field and you want to exclude everything that has the same date value set in your bloc, then you would chose that field. As a result it finds all the records with that date and excludes them.

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