Main Field Parameters

Below contains the documentation for the main field parameters available as on/off settings for a field.

Data Filtering Field

When a value is set on this field the Data Display results of a bloc will only show results filtered by the value of this field.

This can used in conjunction with the Bloc Setting Prevent Regular Data from being loaded to stop any data from being loaded initially. Without that bloc setting turned on, the initial results will not be filtered until this field has a value.

Currently, there is no way to reset the filtering back to the default state using this feature. We are working towards this in an upcoming release.

Data Filtering for Sub Blocs only

This is the same parameter as the "Data Filtering Field" above but it does not apply unless the bloc is appearing inside another bloc (i.e. unless it is a Sub Bloc).

Apply Profile Filter

This parameter forces filtering on the data for the bloc based on the value of this field and it being compared to the value of the users Profile Filter. For instance, if a user has a Profile Filter which is the company they are working for, e.g. "Quality Solutions", with this parameter turned on, the only data that will appear for this user will be the data where the value of this field is equal to "Quality Solutions".

This is a very useful parameter if you are building a module where you do not want your seperate clients to access each others data.

Note: This is just one way to have data filtered. Check out the User Restricted Data Settings to see more options.

Submit Data using this field

This parameter submits the form when the rules/actions for this field are triggered. This is useful for scanners or other inputs where you want to prevent the user needing to clicking the Submit button every time they want to submit the form.

Note: If the last field in the bloc is a Text field and the Rules/Actions are being triggered, it will also submit the form.

Focus on this field after form submission

Used for deciding which default field to focus on after a form is submitted. This is useful for scanning where the individual may be entering lots of data and does not want to interact with the screen.

This field triggers Local Data Chart Updates

This parameter is interlinked with the chart fields. It used to trigger charts to go active and pull data. A tab or enter key is required.

This is currently not available for "Advanced Charts Set 1". For those fields you must click "Build Chart" for each field. We are working on this.

Gets Value from Last Entry

When you load the bloc, or having submitted data on a bloc, this field will always be populated with value of the most recent entry. This is useful for holding onto and looking up data.

Prevent Data from being saved

This parameter prevents data from being saved anywhere in the database.

For the Content Creator Field (WYSIWYG) and Seperator Field this is already default behaviour

Useful for using a field to trigger actions or rules, also useful just displaying data that we have saved elsewhere.

Exclude this field from being populated when the "Populate Latest Data" or "Use Automotic Saving" options are on.

Populate Latest Data and Use Automatic Saving are two bloc settings that both cause the bloc to be populated with the latest data when the bloc loads. However we do not necessarily want this functionality for every single field. For this reason we have this parameter, where you can make an exception to these settings.

If you only want a minority of the fields to populate when loading the bloc, then we recommend not using those bloc settings and instead use the "Gets Value from Last Entry" parameter above and apply that parameter to each field you want to populate.

Make this a primary calendar field (beta)

Used in conjunction with the calendar display data display setting. If selected, this field will be used as the date representing the piece of data that is submitted for the calendar, instead of the default date/time when the data was submitted. For example, if we have a bloc with a date field for making appointments, and we create 10 appointments for the following week. Without this parameter on the calendar will consider the date of the appointments the date they were created (which would be all 10 being on day). If the Date field has this parameter set, the appointments will correctly use the field value to determine where the appointments go.

Make this field read-only

With this parameter on you cannot focus on the field and start manually changing the value.

This parameter is only being used for mouse clicks and manual attempts to get to the field. It is currently still possible to affect the value of the field using other rules even with this parameter on. Future releases will contain more advanced options for read-only.

Hide the label for this field

Removes the label from the field on the screen.

Autocomplete field

This field transforms the field into an Autocomplete field. With this turned on, as you begin to type, suggested data will appear based on previous entries.

We will be depreciating this parameter and it will be used for legacy use only once we create an option in the Autocomplete field to allow for it to get data from itself.

Make this a numeric field

This parameter makes the field numeric and creates a more reliable way for other mathematical fields and data to work with it. It defaults the value to two decimal places or rounds it up if there is a trailing 0. E.g. 4.60 would result in 4.6 While there are no rules set in stone for the individual to prevent the user putting in text, they are given a nudge by being shown a red background if they try to add text. As the default number of decimal places is 2 it also rounds a correct number to 2 decimal places, e.g. 4.593 will result in 4.59. You can use the Set the maximum decimal places for the numeric field option that appears underneath to change the number of decimal places.

Please note, we are currently working on an improvement to allow a setting to keep the trailing zeros on a number if desired. E.g. 4.3 with two decimal places would show as 4.30

Make this a Data Editable Field

This option allows you to edit data in the Data Display. This is useful for quick changes to data.

Currently this feature only works for the Checkbox field, we are working on applying to as many fields as possible in future releases.

Note: Changing values in the Data Display currently does not trigger rules for data in this record.

Is an email address for template exporting

If using our Template Builder feature, you can have email addresses prepared in fields in the bloc, so if you decide to send the pdf or docx to someone via email you do not have to manually type the email address. For example, this might useful if you are generating an invoice for a customer and the bloc data has the email address of the customer.

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