Local Data Doughnut Chart

The Local Data Doughnut Chart field is an elegant way to visually display data that is on your bloc. It is a simple tool and does not do complex charts. For more advanced chart options, please see Advanced Charts Set 1.

To load the chart, at least one field in the bloc must have the This field triggers Local Data Chart Updates parameter applied to it. Then when the rules/actions start for that field, all local charts in the bloc rebuild/update. Please note, the chosen field to do this does not have to be in a chart, so it can be a seperate button or any other field.

Hint: This field could be used in conjuction with our Maths field or Populate local field with Total from another Bloc rule to get counts or numeric values from other places.

Initial Field Parameters

There is only one parameter, which is the list fields to be included in the chart. Simply select the field and click "Add".

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