Manage Users

The Manage Users section is the page that is responsible for creating and updating users. From here you can:

  • Create New Users

  • Edit User details including passwords and usernames

  • Assign an email to the user

  • Assign permissions directly to the user

  • Assign roles to the user.

  • Assign a Profile Filter to a user.

Create a new user

To create a new user, simply click "Create New User" and fill out the form. There is no required format for the username, it can be either an email or a standard username. If it is an email its possible to send them a notification using the tickbox "Send notification to user (email accounts only)" and they can then proceed to reset their password.

Editing an existing user

To achieve this, simply click "View More" beside the user and then click "Update User".

Coming Soon: The ability to disable a user, to achieve this now we recommend changing the username and password.

Roles and Permissions

Assigning Roles and Permissions are a very important part of user creation.

Roles & Permissions

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