Bloc Overview
The Bloc is central core feature of Blocworx. Every other feature in the software is designed to interact with, support or pull data from a bloc.
A Bloc with a variety of components and fields.
A simple bloc in compact mode with just 3 fields and some data.

The core features of a Bloc

    A form builder
      This equally serves as the database table for that form (by adding a field you are effectively creating a column in your database table)
    Fields & Components
      These are used to build your
    Field Parameters
      These are parameters that affect how the fields behave by themselves and with other fields
    Field Rules & Actions
      These are powerful rules that can be set for each field. Some rules are action based, meaning they are designed to fetch data or populate other fields
    Bloc Settings
      These are the settings on the Bloc in its entirety that allow to decide how the Bloc is going to behave

So what is a bloc exactly?

The Bloc is where you build your tables, build your forms, build content pages, build data look up pages, build chart and graph look up pages, build inventory systems, export pdfs, run reports and much more.
A Bloc in Edit Mode
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