Extra and Beta Features

The following are a list of functions and features we have where there is currently no interface for. These features require direct support from the Blocworx team to implement. Please contact support@blocworx.com if you are interested to find out more or you would like to implement any of the below features.

Share Restricted Data with other specific users

Currently it's possible to restrict in a bloc via various means. You can click here for information. One of the options is to fully restrict data so the user can only see their own data. Sometimes there might be a situation where you want other specific users to see your data too, but keep that restriction in place in general. This feature achieves this.

Please note, this feature has become increasingly redundant as our Profile Filter option achieves the same thing in a much more manageable and less complex easy to use way.

Super User

A Super User is a user level of which there is no interface to activate. This is by design as only the Blocworx team can assign this permission to a user. The permission has the same access level and control as the highest level permission which is the Full Administration and No Code Development Permission. However a Super User can log into any instance on their project and will always have full admin and no-code capabilities.

Add users to another instance (beta)

It is possible to add users to other instances on the same project. This can be achieved by simply using the same username and setting a random password (this is to simply fill out the form, the password will not apply). Once the user is added, you will get a pop up asking "Would you like to add this user to this instance?" Click Yes to confirm.

Unprocessed Data Report (beta)

When you have a bloc that contains records that are reaching the 100s of 1000s, we have the ability to change how the advanced reports are run to allow for performance not to suffer. To implement this you will need to contact us at support@blocworx.com.

Indexing Fields

As records may get into the 100s of 1000s of even millions or billions you will need a solution to begin indexing certain fields. Indexing is a way to improve the performance and speed of look ups and searches exponentially. By indexing any field that is being used to look data up, be it in a rule, or via the search or through any other field you can achieve super fast results.

We are very close to finishing an interface for this, however please note it will be only available to super users.

Forcing Case Sensitivity for faster look ups

By default, rules, fields and any forms of looking up data are case insensitive. Quite often however, this is not required, for example if you are working with part numbers and you are always using a scanner with the field set to uppercase, e.g. PART1 PART2 PART3, then when you are looking up the part you will likely be using a scanner too, e.g. scanning PART1.

Allowing searches to be case insensitive can affect performance. We can remove this wider search by forcing case sensitivity on the search and this can greatly affect performance.

Ability to allow instances access to templates

It is possible to import blocs from other modules. The list of modules that are available to you are the ones in your own instance. However it possible to make available other modules that might be in the same .

Module Content

It is possible to add html content at the top of any module. Currently there is no interface for this but please contact support@blocworx.com to request some content to be added. Soon we will be adding an editor in the module editor to allow you to add this content.

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