Link Data Field

The Link Data Field is a field which generates a button that links to another bloc. It also passes data to this other bloc through the url. This is a useful way of loading blocs straight from the data results and passing in data to the bloc you are about to load.

This might be used in a situation where you want to load information about a certain company. By passing in the company name, and setting the Filtered Field parameter, the data in the destination bloc will load just that companies data.

The button can appear either in the form, or in the results. The resulting url may look like the following:{"company_name":"Blocworx"} (note that this may appear as the following in the url bar: but is still correct)

In the above example the value of a field called Company Name is being passed into the url.

The resulting url may also be a custom url with normal parameters being added, e.g.

Again in that example the field calledd Company Name is being passed in.

Initial Field Parameters


Type Module name (min 3 letters, leave blank to use current module)

Used to find the module you would like to use in order to find the bloc to link to.

Select Bloc

The Bloc you are intending the button the link to

OR Enter Custom Url

This options allows you to enter your own url instead of choosing a bloc.

Opens in New Tab

This opens the link in a new tab

Text on Button

This text will appear on the button (which is the link)

Choose Button Colour

The colour of the button

Select the fields to add to the Url.

All the values of these selected fields will get appended to the URL as described in the description above.

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