Manage Blocworx Instances

This section is for Super User level admins. It designed for creating new instances.

Please note, to avail of this feature you must be a Blocworx Reseller, please contact us at for more information about this. You will need to work with our team to be able to use everything below.

The requirements for feature are as follows:

  1. You have super user level access

  2. You have been put on your own database/project allowing you to create instances on the fly

  3. Have a domain name where all subdomains for that domain are pointing to our server, i.e. an A Record where *.domain is pointing an IP that we will provide.

Creating an instance

Assuming the requirements above are met, you can create an instance by clicking "Create Blocworx Instance".

  1. Enter the Company name

  2. Enter the subdomain that will load the instance. Please ensure not to have spaces in the subdomain.

  3. Enter an email address (currently this address is just for record keeping and has no associated functionality).

  4. Optionally choose an "Owner". An Owner is another instance, which can pass its modules to the child instance. More Information below about Parent and Child Instances.

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