Signature & Authentication

This field is primarily designed as a verification process for a user, either via a signature or another username/password request. There are 3 main options for this field.

Note: The digital signature options are supported on our Template Builder and appear as images in the document. This allows people to save signatures onto docx or pdf documents.

Uses the Digital Signature saved in Blocworx

With this option turned on, the signature you have saved at will simply be displayed on the bloc.

Displays Digital Signature Pad

This option shows a digital signature pad on the screen inside the bloc. This allows for digital signatures to be recorded on the fly, instead of using one that is already saved.

Hint: If you wanted, you could store the digital signatures as records in another bloc and use our Populate Local Field with Data from another Elsewhere rule to fill a signature here.

Displays User Authentication Form

The third option is to simply display a username/password form inside the form. This auth form independantly verifies the user that is logged in. The value saved is the users name, however you can change the successfully authenticated response value that is saved. This value can be used along with other field parameters to show more fields or even decide whether to allow the user to submit the main form or not.

Initial Field Parameters


Select Signature Option

Used to choose one of the options described above.

Button Text

Applies to the first option where you click a button to load your pre-saved signature. This parameter contains what is written on the button.

Send custom response value when the user authenticates (default response is their name)

Applies to the User Authentication Form option. This is the value that will be saved for this field if the user has successfully authenticated. The default value (if this parameter is not used) is their name.

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