Image URL Field

The Image URL Field is a simple input field that is designed to handle the urls of hosted images. By populating this field with a url of an image, for example: , the results of the data in this field will know how to display the value as an image:

Select Bloc to show image from

It is possible to use this field to show images from other blocs. To achieve this, you need to populate this field with the value from another bloc so it knows what image to show.

For example, let's pretend we have a bloc called "Bloc with Image" that contains a list of company logos.

Then in a separate bloc we have this field, the Image Url field. We can then use this field in conjuction with the Populate Local Field with Data from Elsewhere rule to populate the image url field with the logo of the other field.

Note: For this option to work, please remember you need to do two seperate steps, one is apply the rule as outlined above. The second is to apply the initial field parameter where you choose what bloc the image is coming from. This is required so Blocworx knows how to load the image.

Initial Parameters

Hint: This is a useful field if you have images externally hosted, or if you are using a Digital Asset Management system. An example could be that you could use other fields to populate data in this field to automatically generate the urls of images.

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