Add, remove and move Sections and Blocs

Add Section

To add a section, simply type the name of the new section into "Add Section" and click "Add".

Edit Section Name

Click "Edit Name" to the right of the section.

Delete a Section

Click "Delete" beside the section name.

Deleting a section will not remove blocs, simply move them to "No Section Assigned"

Add New Bloc

To add a bloc, simply type the name of the bloc, optionally choose the section, then click "Add". You can also select the icon for the bloc by clicking "Select Icon".

Blocs that do not have a sections will appear under a section called "No Section Assigned"

If a section has no blocs, on the front-end this empty section will not appear. Also, if there are blocs but the user does not have access to these blocs, they will also not see the section. To put it simply, you will never see empty sections on the front end.

Move and delete Blocs

To move a bloc left or right, hover over the bloc and click the green left or right buttons. To remove it, click the Trash button. You will be prompted before being able to complete this action

Deleting a bloc cannot be undone. However it does not remove the data in the database. If you have accidentally deleted a bloc you will need to contact to retrieve your data.

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