Mail Alert

The Mail Alert Field allows you to send emails that will have already been created in your Mail Alerts. The main purpose of this is to send mails once you submit a form, but its possible for other criteria to send the mail too.

This field requires an understanding of our Mail Alerts to be able to use it. Please read that section first.

Note: An email will not be sent if the field does not exist/is not visible on the form based on our Conditional Visibility feature. This is by design and allows you to send emails conditionally based on other values in your form. However, as you will see below, it is possible to set conditions that determine whether an alert should be sent or not. Currently this is only available for the "Run on Schedule" option. We hope to bring this into the other options soon and this will negate the need to use the Conditional Visibility for deciding whether a mail gets sent or not.

Initial Field Parameters


Apply on New Submission

With this option turned on, the email will send when the form is submitted, but for a new record (as opposed to editing a record)

Apply when Editing

With this option turned on it will send the mail alert when a record is being edited.

Manually Send with Button

Run on Schedule

More Details Below about this option

Run on Schedule

It is possible to run a mail alert on a daily schedule (we will be adding more frequency options soon). You may choose the time in the day that mail gets sent. You can also add conditions to determine whether the mail should be sent or not. It works by going through each record in the form to see if the conditions are met for that record. If they are the mail is sent. This is useful for things like reminders that a cert expiry is coming up, or if stocks are low.

Remember, we have an automatic data update feature which changes the value of a field every day. This Run on Schedule feature can be used in conjuction with this, e.g. when the number of days left go below 7 then send the mail alert.

Conditions for send the scheduled alert

Note: As pointed out above, soon we will be making these conditions available to non-scheduled options.

There can be a combination of conditions to decide if a mail gets sent or not, they include if a field is greater than, greater than/equal to, equal to, less than/equal to, less than. Please note all conditions must be met for mail to send, not just one of the conditions.

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