Populate local field with data from another local field

This is for taking data from one field and copying it somewhere else in the same bloc. This rule can be applied to any field even though it might be controlling things between two other fields.

Hint: You could apply this rule to a button press in order to trigger the copying of the data from one field to another, even though the rule will be set on the button, there will be no data from the button itself being used.

Rule Parameters



Local Field to fetch

The field that contains the data that we want.

Local field to populate

The field that we want to move the data to, i.e. the destination field.

Overwrite existing data

Yes: Simply overwrites and wipes any data that might be on the destination field to populate. So even if the local field has nothing, the destination field gets wiped blank.

No: If there is data already in the destination field then it does nothing.

Ignore if blank: If the local field to fetch has no data, then nothing will happen to the destination field.

Append to Data: It will add the value of the local field to fetch onto the end of whatever is currently in the destination field. This would mean if you kept triggering this rule the data in the destination field would get longer and longer.

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