Look Up/Edit Data

The Look Up and Edit Data section is a way to search your entire instance for data without having to specify blocs or modules.

It is also another way of editing data without applying rules or other bloc parameters. It is useful to imagine it like having direct access to your database and being able to make changes or simply view data without functionality in the blocs being used.

Due to the popularity of this feature we will be making substantial improvements to it in the coming releases, notably: 1. The ability to optionally choose a specific field you would like to look up which will improve performance. 2. The ability to sort what colums you'd like to see in the results. 3. Improved UI of the results to make the data easier to see and read. 4. The ability to export everything that was found in the search. 5. Option to remove case sensitivity

Searching Data

To look up a value, simply enter it into the top field and press enter. You may optionally choose a specific module to search, or by default, it will search all modules.

Once the results appear on the screen you will see them broken down by Modules, Blocs and then the data inside the blocs.

Editing Data

It is possible to edit data in two ways from this page.

Update Data (button)

By clicking the Update button you will see a popup with all the data for that record. Here you can simply change the values and confirm your update.

Warning: There are no rules checked when updating via this method. This way of updating should be only done by admins as it is possible to change values of fields to values that perhaps they should not be: e.g. changing a maths field value to a written word. These types of changes may have unexpected consequences with data look ups and rules etc.

Edit in Form

The second way to update data is by clicking Edit in Form. This takes you to the bloc that contains the data and allows you to edit the record using the bloc itself. This is similar to clicking Edit in the Data Results.

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