Plain Data Field

The Plain Data field is a simple yet popular and widely used field. Quite simply its a field that contains data that exists due to a default value being set, or due to being populated as a result of other activity. The fundamental reason for this field is to have data in your bloc that the user cannot edit. For example a Company Name may appear here as a result of a user having logged in and that information being fetched from somewhere else.

Note: You will most likely always want to use the rule Keep Data for Next Entry with this field. This is to ensure the plain data field holds its value after submitting the form. We are currently working on an improvement to make this option as checkbox when creating the any field.

Initial Field Parameters

Trigger rules on first initiation of the field

With this option turned on, any rules/actions that have been added to this field will trigger as soon as the field comes into existence (whether that is from a page load, or from a conditional visibility setting). Useful for populating other fields, or getting values from elsewhere immediately. Or even useful for simply running rules without having to do anything.

Load default value as priority in Edit/Show

This is a specific parameter that is designed to effectively reset the value back to its default set value when you are editing the record.

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