Parent and Child Instances

If you have a reseller agreement with Blocworx and have met all the requirements to create your own instances, then you can make use of our Parent/Child Instance functionality.

A Child instance is an instance that has the ability to use configurations, modules and roles from another instance,that other instance would be considered a parent. The child instance is like a replica of the parent instance. This means you can build modules once, create various instances for different customers and give them all the same module. This prevents having to rebuild modules, or import modules. It also means that you only have to maintain the one module no matter how many instances are using it.

The configurations that are shared to the child instance from a parent are:

  1. Pages (including the entire structure)

Users and Data is not shared, you must set up a user for every child instance. However, as a super user, you can access the instance with your existing login.

Coming Soon: The ability to pass individual blocs as opposed to entire modules.

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