A specific value is required elsewhere

This rule is used to determine if a value exists elsewhere, it is more advanced than the Item must have been entered elsewhere, because it uses a second value as a reference to look up. For example, in a manufacturing test environment, a unit may have to have passed an initial first test in a different bloc. So in this case the serial number of the unit is checked, and the value we want to get from it is "Passed".

Rule Parameters



Bloc to Look Up

The Bloc to check against. (Note, the "Type Module or Job Name" field is not a rule parameter and is simply used for finding blocs in your instance.)

Field to Look Up

The field inside the bloc you have selected. This field is the one you are using as your lookup, for example, we want to look up a serial number field in a different bloc.

Second Field to Check Value against

The field we want for comparing values, in our example, if we need a serial number to have passed somewhere, this field may be something like "Test Result"

Value it must equal

This is the value that the "Second Field to Check Value Against" must equal. So sticking to our example, this might have the word "Passed" where "Second Field to Check Value Against" or Test Result must equal "Passed".

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